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The confession of the flesh (book)

The confession of the flesh incorporated with never seen footages of the elevator, the hand and the mouth as well as includes a thesis titled: Intensive spaces of becoming have to be opened, that gives a cry out on the state of fertile hopelessness between crisis and design.

  • 2018
  • Commissioned by Oddkin
  • 145mmx420mm, glue binded, 124 pages
  • Essay and images by Marton Kabai (Oddkin)
  • Self-published, The Hague, NL (2018)
  • Printed: De Resulutie, Rijswijk

The confession of the flesh (video installation)

How to manifest the significance of the flesh in times of change? The transformation of the human condition is certain as the ecological, political and social crises suggest. The current belief in human progress and exceptionalism has been questioned. We ought to exceed our anthropocentric view and remind ourselves that concepts, ideas are made out of flesh and bones. In my video installation, I try to confront the mind with the matter through the unconscious to embrace the disconnection between them. I attempt to remind what we have been forgetting and altering is not only the environment (outer) but our very self (inner). What we are taking for granted is eventually in a constant, ongoing change.

  • 2017
  • Self-Commissioned as Oddkin
  • Cast:
  • Vocal: Mabel Rae
  • Sound: Committee (Mári & Rozi Mákó)
  • Written, Directed, Animated: Márton Kabai
  • Co-director, Co-editor: Natela Lemondzhava

Intensive spaces of becomings have to be opened

What are the consequences of the posthuman condition in graphic design. My starting point is the political, ecological, and social crisis, in which the current condition of design is not valid anymore. In the online publication I distinguished visually between the three chapter to emphasize the necessity of change.

  • 2017
  • BA Thesis, Web-design
  • Written: Marton Kabai
  • Web-design: Marton Kabai with the help of Gabor Kerekes
  • Proof-reading: Laurence Henriquez, Javeria Ali

Under pressure:Water and the city

In Under Pressure: Water and the City AMS Institute’s Research Fellow Laurence Henriquez and Scientific Director prof. dr. Arjan van Timmeren, map the relationship between H2O and civilization, past, present, and future. From water’s fundamental importance to life and the means by which it has been metabolized by cities throughout history, to its intimate connection to the ongoing crises of our age (economic inequality, climate change, Middle East Wars, unregulated global finance) and the (sometimes ancient) solutions that are used as positive drivers of change.

With this book, the authors also launch the innovative online portal of which allows users to explore the content of the book via an interactive world map, following different types of storylines.

  • 2017
  • Commissioned by Tu Delft/AMS Institute
  • Book, Website
  • Book and web-design: Marton Kabai
  • Web-developing: Gabor Kerekes
  • Proof-reading: Laurence Henriquez, Javeria Ali

Treshold of probability (wip)

A video critique about the anxiety of the treshhold of probability in the epoch of existential crisis.

  • 2017
  • Self-Commissioned as Oddkin
  • Work in progress

Today's Success is Tomorrow's Disasters

Today’s Success is Tomorrow’s Disaster is a board game that aims to demystify the current and future shape of animal agriculture industry through moral (animal rights) and man-made environmental disasters (climate change). Because the practice of factory farming is a very complex and multifaceted issue, the game allows the players to demystify processes, understanding positions, dynamics, and relationships. The game supports the value of discourse and debate in our times of radical oppositions. The work combined with a corporate-critical visual aesthetics and its critique on the economically viable systemic problem. The Biennial embodies precisely that kind of discourse about difficult and complex issues of our current turbulent time.

  • 2016
  • Self-Commissioned as Oddkin
  • Board-game/Installation


The Requiem is a sorrow love story, a dialogue between a print based graphic designer and digital based web designer. Printed matter becomes expensive, slow and not sustainable to deliver the same message as the online version, however its a very complicated issue, in which Alessandro Ludovico wrote a book called Post digital print, that I used as a reference to write and design an improvisational music score and video clip with a hint of karaoke.

  • 2016
  • Self-Commissioned
  • Video, HD, 2min

Whole Internet Catalogue

The Whole Internet Catalogue is an ironic, provocative case study of printing catalogs in the age of internet. I chose the Internet culture wikipedia category and collected all the existing articles and its edits over time using Internet Archive. I overlaid all the available edits of each articles to present time as a hidden parameter, making an experimental four dimensional catalog.

  • 2016
  • Self-Commissioned
  • Book, hard cover, 210mm x 155mm

Deceived wilderness

Deceived wilderness is an investigation against the concept of zoos. The Royal Artis Zoo’s motto is: “You won’t find another spot in Amsterdam that has more nature per square metre.” I measured the territories of the animals with Google Maps to make an objective visual narrative, (a catalog of guilty spaces) that could represent the statement in which animals can not be objectified for human curiosity and amusement.

  • 2016
  • Self-Commissioned
  • Video essay, HD, 2min
  • Book, hard cover, 210mm x 155mm,

White Standard

The magazin, White Standard is an investigation that attempts to draw a line between the early physical anthropology until today’s beauty standards. The magazine represents 33 skin whitening products as an evidence how western beaty corporations maintaining whiteness as a political status quo and taking similar arrangement as it was at colonial times.


The human race had the biggest task to conquer the nature in order to survive and make its own suitable and safe environment to live in. The crucial idea of Humanism was to support the growth and expansion of our civilisation...Until this expansion started restrain other living species in creating their own safe environments. According to Darwinism the animals are our relatives. Human being holds an equally important role on this planet as any other living creature. We are facing a threat of complete extinction of wild animals – such as elephants, rhinoceros, pangolins, tigers, whales..etc – leaving us only with animals in captivity. My work intends to show the absence of needed attention on this issue and envisages a dystopia of nature without animals.

  • 2016
  • Self-Commissioned
  • Vide montage, HD, 3min
  • Presented:
  • 4th Istanbul Design Biennial within the Invisible Film Program at the Salt Galata Museum
  • Le Festival di Film Invisible, HEAD – Genève, Geneva,CH (2017)
  • Popcorn: Art, Design and Cinema, Musée d’art moderne, Saint-Etienne, FR (2017)

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