Visual except from HOLD, live music performance,
By Oddkin (Marton Kabai & Natela Lemondzhava)

Oddkin – visual (Marton Kabai, Natela Lemondzhava)
Mári Mákó – composer

Visual except (part 1) from a live music performance called HOLD by Mári Máko composer and sound artist, Oddkin artist and designer duo and Fazle Shairmahomed performance artist, dancer. Together they explore the notion of everlasting development of oneself and to reflect on the challenge of holding one’s ground in times of crisis. Through visual storytelling, sensory dance and spatial (multichannel) electroacoustic music they presented an hour-long multidisciplinary performance called HOLD.
In the visual part of the performance, Oddkin research how birth, rebirth and fertility symbols, metaphors resembles and tells different stories across cultures, mythologies, science and art. They gathered a collection of signs, patterns, fossils, beings, objects and artworks, from which they rediscovered the art of still life and its urgency and relevance in our apocalyptic times. For the first part of the performance, they rendered eight different digital still life compositions that all in some way represents the “silence before the storm”. The metaphor of “silent scream” or “motionless fall”, or “the preparation before the eruption” resemble the psychological transformation hidden behind the digital still life moving images.

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