Herman Ottó Primary School 

I was given the opportunity to exhibit at the Herman Otto Elementary School. I came up with my portfolio and an idea for an exhibition. Later, the Headmaster called me to create a new image for the school based on the portfolio...:)


The school basically has two images, one is the other, they are just different in target group and message. The primary school and the Knowledge Centre. The school's renewal was based on the experience of the past 100 years, the stability of the present moment and the vision of the future values of the next 100 years. To create the image of a 21st century school while remaining a wise and mature school. The Knowledge Centre, a centre for the presentation and distribution of herman school education systems, for parents and other schools that do not yet have an established education system. With forums, competitions, workshops.


The values of the past were captured in a seal, which evolved from a restored version of the old logo (depicting the gate of the Art Nouveau building), which became the new logo of the school, with references to the two pillars of the school gate and the letter "H", "O" relationship. This logo is a conceptualisation of the school in general. In the logo of the Knowledge Centre, I have taken the letter 'H', 'T' as a basis, staying within the graphic scheme established by the school logo.


The school's website was created in a responsive design in three different sizes. The two logos appear in the same system, working in parallel with each other. One of the features of the website is a workshop with young students from the school to create drawings, paintings and graphics for each month. These graphics and snowboards will be exchanged on the website, creating a kind of update that reinforces the school's central principle: child-centredness.

Translated with DeepL

Hungarian Design Award 2013
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