As if everything was fine
As if everything was fine is a critical coloring book series. It is reflecting on the fact that, we can not reject our reality. Children usually get coloring books, but the contents usually about the farm life. The farm life is presented those coloring books is far away from the reality. I made a coloring book series, that is showing how an animal become a meat, and how is the life until the animal is killed. The book is more like an artwork then an activity book for children. I used the form of a coloring book to enhance and point out the cruelity that our meat is produced. 

The series contains: Pig factory farm, Dairy factory farm, Poultry factory farm.

"Animals deserve, at minimum, one basic right: the right to exercise control over their own lives. Every living being is owner of their own body. Human and non-human animals are cohabitants of planet Earth. Every living being deserves to be treated justly. Just as we want to live, we should extend the same courtesy to others– of same and different species– who also seek comfort and who withdraw from threats to survival. Regrettably, humans have overwhelmingly chosen domination over harmonious coexistence. It’s now time to discuss the underlying problems which cause our collective human psyche to believe it is acceptable to exploit living beings. It’s now time to implement the practical solutions to these problems."  excerpt from here

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