Project 1251818
Between 20th of October, 2013 and 4th of November, 2013 I and my wife was working as a newspaper deliverer in The Hague. It was an unusual experience, because the working period was between 3 am till 7am. Thats why we started the work at the dark night and finished in the bright morning.

From the beginning I wrote a daily diary, and recorded the delivery path with a sport tracker software with a smartphone and we collected the delivery-list with the names and house numbers. Beside that I used some object as well which are belongs to this time, for instance, the glows with the ink of the newspapers or banana or the bicycles, which we used. I used photos as well which taken by that time and snapshots from the video, which shows the change from dark till the light.

I used and managed 6 different layers to achieve the finale result. 64 pages newspaper, which is also an ironic, because I choosed the newspaper format to tell the story of two newspaper deliverer.
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