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I'm incredible sensitive for environmental problems, I think it is very important to stand for. The amount of information are getting very difficult to comprehend, therefore are society not proactive enough to prevent a tragedy in the field of nature.
During the research and the understanding of the rhino poaching I had to realise there is no such a thing freedom of being living in Africa. Every territory of Africa are belong to someone and being guarded because mankind able to kill any kind of animals in order to make profit or just for sport. There are hunters, who are able to pay a lot in order to kill an endangered species. This is the surface of a very deep and complicated problem, where the most influental world leaders are involved.
Almost all of the African wild animals is a possible victims of the brutal wildlife trade. The rhinos are one of the most endangered animals, because the price of the rhino horn is higher then gold or heroin. The demand for rhino horn is focused on the east side of Asia, mostly China and Vietnam where the Myth of the rhino horn is coming from.
According to the Traditional Chines Medicine, the Rhino horn is a medicine for different kind of disease, like headache, fever, even cancer, aids or leukemia. Nowadays the most recent usage as an aphrodisiac and increasing potency. The demand of the rhino horn is incredible high, therefore unfortunately the poaching as well. The supply has to catch up the demand. Even can defeat strong principles. Instruct to kill.
The other side of the world is fighting against the conclusion of the rhino Myth. Fighting against the poachers who just temporarily involved, just to kill. There are many organisation and foundations established since these problem being reached the endangered level, 2006. These civilians are making plans, campaigns and rising awareness as much as they can. But still the killing doesn't stop. Year by year growing the number of the death rhinos. Even in strongly protected nature parks as well. One of the biggest is the Kruger Nature park, where the 80% of the African black rhino population is living. By now Sept of 2014 are more then 700 rhinos has been killed.
My aim was to show a sort of misunderstanding between these two world. The myth is too strong to be able to be destroyed completely by the Truth. That's why every step what are we making as a fighters, and rising awareness of the truth, is just put another layer on the myth. But the myth is still there.
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